Zeobrite Xtreme Dual Charged Water Filtration Media
The Brightest Idea in Swimming Pool Filtration
Zeobrite® Xtreme™ - Installation Instructions
Download a copy of these instructions in PDF Format
Step 1. Turn-off power to filter pump. Turn multi-port valve to the closed position. Clear work area and observe all safety precautions. For new filter installations, skip to Step 5.
Step 2. Release air pressure from filter tank. Carefully remove filter tank cover and move distributor for access to media bed. (Consult filter manufacturer’s manual for specific directions concerning filter piping). Zeobrite Xtreme is the ultimate pool filter media - better than sand for you sand filters
Step 3. If filter is equipped with a drain plug, remove drain plug and drain water from filter tank.
Step 4. Remove existing media from filter tank. A heavy-duty shop vac comes in handy for this step. Otherwise remove by hand, or if filter is equipped with a drain plug, remove plug and washout media through the drain.
Step 5. After removing, rinse and clean filter tank. Inspect laterals and piping for defects, repair if needed. Inspect multi-port valve for proper operation. Replace drain plugs and fill bottom 1/3 of filter tank with water.
Step 6. Fill filter tank with the required amount of Zeobrite® Xtreme™ Filter Media. (Note: Zeobrite® Xtreme™ weights 50% less than sand per cubic foot; therefore, it requires 50% less weight of Zeobrite® Xtreme™ versus sand. See the Media Requirement Chart below).Finish filling the filter tank with additional water to cover the Zeobrite® Xtreme™ with a minimum of 1” water. Important: Allow Zeobrite® Xtreme™ to soak a minimum of 30 minutes to one hour in order to activate the material’s surface charge before going to Step 8
Step 7. Return the interior standpipe to its proper position, check the distributor and any other parts previously disturbed. Replace the filter cover. Check exterior piping and plumbing to insure that the filter is in proper working condition.
Step 8. Turn multi-port valve to the backwash position. Start filter pump and backwash the media until the water in the site glass is clear (usually 2-3 minutes). Turn-off filter pump and allow the media bed to settle for 1 minute. Repeat this backwash step two more times, always allowing the media bed to settle between backwashes. Proceed to Step 9
Step 9. After the media has been thoroughly backwashed to remove the residual fines, turn the filter pump off and move the multi-port valve to the rinse position. Run a rinse cycle until water clears in the site glass. Turn-off the filter pump, move the multi-port valve to the filter cycle and start the filter pump. Note the starting pressure on the filter gauge. The starting pressure is typically around 8 - 10 psi. Allow the system to run on the filter cycle until the pressure rises an additional 5 to 7 psi before backwashing the filter media. Secondary backwashes can be performed by backwashing once and then running the rinse cycle.
IMPORTANT: Follow the soaking recommendation in step 6 to insure that the media is activated. Follow the backwashing instructions in Step 8 and 9 to insure a trouble-free start-up.
Zeobrite Xtreme Media Requirement Chart
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