Zeobrite Xtreme Dual Charged Water Filtration Media
The Brightest Idea in Swimming Pool Filtration
New Products Coming in 2016!
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November 10-12, 2015 in Las Vegas
The Best Just Got Better - Xtreme Filtration Has Been Awarded U.S. and International Patents.
Additional Patents are Pending.
Water Qaulity Teted and Certified
Zeobrite® Xtreme™ is Compatible with
Salt Water Systems
Zeobrite® Xtreme™ Patent ed Technology
Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50 and 61

Introducing two new Xtreme™ filtration products:

The Superior Filtration of Zeobrite® Filter Media has been
enhanced by a patented process formulated to create a
“Dual Charged” media for sand filters that rivals or exceeds
all other filter systems.  Zeobrite® Xtreme™ is the ultimate
media for sand filters.

Zeobrite® Xtreme™ brings you
  • Unique Dual Charged Particles
  • Extreme Water Clarity
  • Quicker, Cleaner Backwash Start-ups
  • Reduces Excess Chemical Use
  • Lowers Filter Run Times
  • Lowers Backwash Water Consumption
  • Maintains Stability with Chemicals
  • Saves Money

Zeolie Activation Concentrate
Zeolite Activation

For initial activation or regeneration of
any zeolite filter media.  Make any
zeolite media into an Xtreme
filtration product.  For new
installations or to treat existing
media in the filter tank.
Zeobrite Xtreme Filter Cleaner
Zeobrite® Xtreme™
Filter Cleaner

Effective for all zeolite, glass and
sand media.  Pre-treatment for
Zeolite Activation Concentrate or
for anytime use to clean mineral
scale, oily residue, or ammonium
ions from your media.
  • These products will be available soon through distribution to qualified buyers on this web site.

  • Coming soon, product training videos and training materials on PDF downloads.

Zeobrite® Xtreme™ turns any sand filter into a super filter. Using an all-natural zeolite mineral, Zeobrite® Xtreme™provides many valuable advantages over ordinary sand. Best of all, Zeobrite® Xtreme™ lasts just as long as sand. And when it’s finally time for replacement, all natural Zeobrite® Xtreme™ can be mixed into your garden soil, planter boxes or spread over your lawn as a natural soil enhancer.

Each bag of Zeobrite® Xtreme™ is 100% natural zeolite of the highest quality commercially available.

Zeobrite Pool Filter Media is used the world over in backyard pools, country clubs, hotel and motel pools, universities, amusement park pools, public aquariums, koi ponds and filtration plants.

Zeobrite® Xtreme™ is for residential backyard pools, commercial pools and public wastewater filtration systems.

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